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C. de la Caldera, 11, 28042 Madrid, España

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HOSTELFLY MADRID AIRPORT is open 24 hours a day. Access is completely independent and can be done through your mobile device using the electronic key provided after completing the mandatory online registration, which will be sent to the email you provided at the time of booking.
Check-in: From 2:00 PM onwards. Guests arriving before 2:00 PM will be invited to leave their belongings, if desired, in the luggage room, but access to the rooms will not be granted before 2:00 PM.
Check-out: At 11:00 AM (otherwise, you will be asked to pay for an additional night). At this time, all belongings must be removed from the room. If you need to store your luggage on the day of departure, you can use our luggage room. If your check-out is delayed, you will be asked to pay for an additional night, so please ensure that you are ready on time.
Room lights automatically turn on at 8:00 AM and turn off at 11:00 PM. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM. Please respect everyone's sleep.
Children under 18 years old always occupy a separate bed and cannot share it with their parents/legal guardians. They must always be supervised and accompanied by an adult.
The common area is available until 11:00 PM.
The terrace, including the pool, is open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (if available). Minors using the pool must always be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at their own risk.
If you requested room cards, you can pick them up at the reception desk (a fee of €3 will be charged for lost cards).
Eating and drinking inside the rooms is not allowed.
Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hostel except the terrace.
Please keep all hallways clean.
Use your locker to store your luggage. If you need more space, you can use our luggage room.
Please use only your assigned bed. The staff will remove personal belongings from any unoccupied bed. If you need to change beds, please notify the staff. Changing beds or lockers without permission from the staff is prohibited.
The maximum stay is 10 days at our establishment.
Only registered guests are allowed in the rooms and to use the facilities and equipment.
Kitchen area: Clean dishes after use. Store all food in a bag labeled with your room number, bed number, and departure date. Any unlabeled food will be discarded. The kitchen is closed from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
Personal belongings: Safe lockers are located next to each bed in your room. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your personal belongings at all times. HostelFly assumes no liability for loss, theft, or damage to guest property, regardless of the cause or damage to HostelFly's property.
HostelFly reserves the right to charge for any damages caused by inappropriate behavior during the stay.
Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff, local residents, and the property. HostelFly reserves the right to refuse admission and/or expel guests without any refund for failure to comply with the rules or standards of behavior with other guests or staff.
If you require parking, the area is safe and free of charge. If you need parking space, we have available spots. Advance reservation is required. Cleaning service is provided from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Daily cleaning is performed in all rooms, and bed linen is changed only on the check-out day.
Our maintenance staff checks your room daily. If you notice anything in need of repair or out of service, or if you need recommendations for dining, sightseeing, or have any questions during your stay, you can contact our 24-hour reception.

It is not allowed to drink or eat inside the rooms.

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